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Creating a place, the problem was pursued to draw attention of people to one more
to the Black Sea resort of Ukraine. This information truthful. We will tell about hotels,
sanatoria, boarding houses and a private sector of a resort of Ochakov which is located
at northern coast of Black sea, between Nikolaevym and Odessa.
On site pages the photo report with the description of 20 bases of rest is given,
about ten sanatoria and boarding houses, over eleven private sectors.
You will find the information on conditions of rest in the description and cost of rest,
also phone numbers of managers of institutions of rest and their electronic addresses.
So, Ochakov the most ancient city, with 1492 on 1788 belonging to Turkey, after Russia
and after revolution - Ukraine. Monuments of a set and museums speak to people about
a city history. As the city is located on the earth in the form of peninsula, railway
communication here is not present. Thereupon the industry did not develop, therefore
all have been created preliminary conditions for tourism and sea tourist development.
Ochakov is an excellent variant, for family rest and rest for youth, here annually come
ten thousand people to spend the summer holidays. First of all people involves: the sea,
sandy beaches, water entertainments, skis, bananas, water bicycles, parachutes, etc.
In Ochakov it is restored and functions christian church.
Annually since June the aquapark "Attica" starts to work.
In Ochakov discos work: "Pilgrim", "Tornado", "Captain".
By means of the given information you can to reserve motel or hotel.
Make a private sector choice on the following page.
We invite you to visit Ukraine .
But before, we recommend to look at answers about rest at a forum.

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We invite to Ochakov, where sea tour not expensively.
Отдых на море недорого.
Отдых на Черном море в Очакове.